Friday, 21 January 2011

Honey good health and beauty - Honey good for weight control

Disclaimer:  The following is given as general information it's not intended as medical advice.  Always consult with your doctor or nutritionist first.

They say that for bathing Cleopatra used  milk and honey.   Royalty used (and maybe still uses) honey for beauty and health treatments, and why not?  Honey is packed with nourishing and beautifying properties. It is probably the very best beauty product you can use on your skin.

Honey for beautiful skin
Honey has the ability to retain water. Apply a little bit in the mornings and evenings. Honey is a good agent to use in moisturisers, creams, sunscreen lotions and other beauty products.

Apply everyday pure honey to face and allow to dry for one hour. Then wash with water.  It will help to  keep your skin smooth and clear
Honey mixed with water when washing hair can bring a shine to your hair.  Add a teaspoon of honey in one medium sized mug of water and poured on your hair after the last rinse, leave it on for a while rinse hair lightly will work wonders in making your hair soft and silky

Mix honey and milk equal amounts more or less. Apply the mixture all over your body. After twenty minutes wash it off. Works wonders.
Honey also helps to fight damage caused by the sun's UV radiation, It will also help to delay age signs.

If losing weight, drinking honey with warm water helps in digesting the fat stored in your body. Similarly honey and lemon juice and honey and cinnamon help in reducing weight.

Honey for health and healing
Instead of sugar  honey can be used in many food and drinks. Containing about 69% of glucose and fructose it 's very good as a sweetner.

Source of Vitamins and Minerals: Depending on the flowers the bees take the nectar from, honey contains a great variety of vitamins and minerals:  vitamin C, calcium and iron.

Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties it can be used natural antiseptic.

Due to the content of  nutraceuticals, which are effective in removing free radicals from our body, the immunity systems is improved.

Honey is also used for treating digestive problems such as diarrhoea, indigestion, stomach ulcers and gastroenteritis.

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