Saturday, 2 October 2010

Healthy and Nutty - Eat nuts. Enjoy all the nut..rients of the season, Exercise, no need to go nuts on this.

Disclaimer:  The following is given as general information it's not intended as medical advice.  Allways consult with your doctor or nutritionist first.

The nut season is in full now.  There are reach pickings on the trees and athough I climb on trees, luckily there are plenty of nuts on the ground so let the squirrels and birds to get the ones on the high branches and I just collect from the leafy ground.

Although today the morning was sunny I couldn't make it to the heath to compete with birds and squirrels  I decide to start blogging and write about nuts.  From my own experience in my life style: regular Pilates exercises and including nuts in my daily meals not only I am in  a better shape but feel I have healthier bones and  excellent digestion (remember you are what you digest, not what you eat!) maybe a good help in slowing the aging process, many don't believe my not age, they think I'm much younger.

There has been a lot of reports on research of the benefits of eating nuts. Also it has been reported widely that the Food and Drug Administration -FDA approved the claim of the  "benefits for better healthy heart"  for almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, some pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts due to their content of less than 4g of saturated fats per 50g.

To mention a few:
In a study carried out by the Iowa Women's Healthy found that women who ate nuts  four times a week were 40% less likely to die of heart disease. In 2002, the Physician's Health Study found that men who consumed nuts 2 or more times per week had reduced risks of sudden cardiac death.

The food and Drug Administration The FDA reported the

Other good report:

Well time to go and crash some almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts mixed with lovely damson jam.  (I had some dental surgery so...)

Almonds for reducing memory loss and lowering cholesterol

Hazelnuts for  antiaging reducung memory loss

Walnuts reducing memory loss, hence their shape.

In general the amount of a tea cup size of various nuts will be a good way of getting much needed nutrients in our daily food intake.  One important thing nuts should be unsalted.

Ample evidence demonstrates that nuts, as a group, reduce tlie risk of

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